Monday, March 19, 2018

SCC50 Week 2/28

SCC50 Week 2/28

Long Run: 15kms / 1.5 - 2hrs trail running
This week I didn't actually do my long run on a trail.  I ran the local foreshore on Wednesday after work & had a fabulous run!!  For the first time in ages I did not stop at all!  I guess wearing my hydration pack probably helped as I didn't stop at the drink fountains either.  I felt strong & ran well.  Below is an old photo - remember I did not stop!  But it is one of my favourite things on this route!

Other Training:  PT sesh x 2; Metcon (box jumps, rowing, V-sits, KB swings then rest 60 seconds - 5 repeats) sesh set by my PT x 1, 1 x 5km run, 1 x 6km run

Feeling: Better than expected (see other)

Eating: The usual 

Other: My Mum has been quite unwell dealing with clots in her lungs, a distended pulmonary artery & possibly damage to her heart valves as a result of either of these.  She's seen all the specialists, had all the tests & is in blood thinners currently for the lung clots & the rest is a bit of a wait & see as the distended artery is looking to be congenital.  The on top of that she has had 4 x TIA episodes over 3 days (2 were at her doctors surgery).  Awaiting more test results at this stage.  All slightly stressful.  I'm trying to remain positive & running helps.  I went to the country to visit her (took my aunt with me).  Just in case.  The visit was lovely.  Time spent with family always is. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Surf Coast Half Century Week 1/28

So begins the next running adventure.  This year's major event for me is the Surf Coast Half Century, which is the 2nd half of the Surf Coast Century. This will technically be my 4th ultra marathon, having run the Great Ocean Road Marathon @ 44kms 3 times qualifies me as an ultra runner, but I don't think I will truly be an ultra runner until I do a trail ultra - so I'm calling it my first ultra!

I have 2 girlfriends running the 50km with me (at our own paces) & 1 who has registered for the 100km event.  Theoretically I could go straight to the 100km, but I'd like to savour the experience & work my way up with 50kms this year, & if I survive, 75kms next year & then maybe try 100kms the year after - could be a fit at 50 birthday challenge.  Lets see how my body (& mind) hold up to 50kms first!!

Registration opened the day my long run training plan started which was fitting.  I have a friend who was halfway through training for her 50km event before entries opened last year, that would have done my head in!  I have my running coach from my first marathon on board coaching me (on line); & I've had my PT reading up on ultra's & trail running - his job is to make my running muscles bullet proof as he says :-)

Last years start line - we get to run on the beach for a short while at the start & 3.7kms at the end which may be at high tide eek!!

I will run on trail like this:

And have views like this:

Plumbing Boy will be my support crew - he only has to be at the 28km mark, so its a pretty easy job.  He can see me off at the start line @ 10am, then grab brunch with my girlfriends support people before coming to meet me.  Then he can wander back to the finish line at his leisure.

**above images courtesy of Rapid Ascent Ultra Running Events

On with the training!!

SCC50 Week 1/28

Long Run: 14kms / 1.5 - 2hrs trail running

This week I went to my local park for my long run on Friday night.  I went back in the morning for parkrun!!.  The site was an old quarry before being turned into a park, half dog friendly & the other half is a nature & wildlife reserve.  We have 2 lakes & the terrain is a combination of gravel, grass & a little bit of asphalt, & with a couple of hills qualifies as trail  👍.  As the distance progresses I'll be heading down to Anglesea to run on the actual event trail once a month; the alternate long run I'll head down to 2bay's which is my friends local training trail.  The inbetween shorter ones will be a combination of road & my local park. 

Other Training:
Each week I have 3 runs altogether scheduled + 2 x PT sessions.  This week was a solid week of training with the PT sessions done, 1 x 8km run (which included 2 x 2km intervals), 1 x 5km, + 1 x other day at gym (1km tready walk, 15 mins Jacobs Ladder, 10km spin bike, core).

What you may ask is a Jacobs Ladder......

This bad boy.  It's got a waist belt with a cable connected to the machine that works like a brake.  No tension = brake on.  Clip the belt on & climb away (you now have tension) - basically you climb a revolving endless ladder. YES, I know, some of your would think it torturous!! 

It's a complete body workout & requires more coordination than I'm used to - unlike the bike or treadmill I can't watch TV, I have to concentrate but it will improve my overall coordination.  

I started out using it for 5 minutes a few weeks ago, then 10 minutes for the last 3 weeks, this week I upped it to 15 minutes.  Talk about sweat fest!  I think I'm going to need a bandanna or something to keep the sweat out of my eyes as I'm not coordinated enough to climb without my hands on the rungs at the same time!

Feeling: Calm about the event (can't say the same for the rest of my life, but here & now is not the place to elaborate - lets just say I had a bit of a melt down this week, but I am working on improving the situations causing the stress).  Training plan is all drawn up, printed out & blue tacked to the wall at work & home; accommodation for the weekend is booked so really all I have to do is train.   

Eating: The usual.

Other: It was PB's birthday this week (well - last week now by the time I'm getting this published!).  As we were going out to a dinner & show on the weekend to celebrate, he actually cooked dinner that night.  He'd split marinated a chicken (nando's style) on Sunday so BBQ'd it.  Delicious!  I did the accompanying veg & salad.  Yum.  Dinner (average) & show (great) were for the 50th Anniversary of Chain, an Australian Blue's band.  We had a fab time & I may or may not have been the only person under 50 in the audience. LOL.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Double Header

Back in February I had the pleasure of running in 2 x formal events with some of my running family.  First up was the Rollercoaster Wild Moose 10km on Saturday morning at Skyhigh in the Dandenongs.  

I'm fairly new to trail running & this is the hilliest event I've done with a 530m +/- elevation gain/loss.  I took 3 minutes & 50 seconds of my time last year & had a lot of fun running it this year.  

View from the above the start line

I don't remember hating it last year, just that the downhills were steep & the uphills hard & that I had to stop & walk which was a new concept to me.  Being a road runner, I'm accustomed to running up the hills, not walking!  This year I think I tackled the downhills with more confidence letting my pace be dictated by natural gravity & held off on braking unless it was too steep & unsafe.  See...........going down...............then all the way back up again!!!

I felt a lot stronger on the up hills too this year.  And it was warmer!  Last I needed thermals at the start!  This year it was a balmy 19 deg C @ 8am!  

Sunday was another small event, this time in Geelong along the Barwon River.  My friend & I did both runs & used Sunday's as a recovery run, taking our time.  I was a minute slower last year than this year, but managed to complete my last training run for the week within this 10km.  I was supposed to have done 5kms of intervals running 500m as fast as possible then 500m at recovery pace.

Befores, sporting our new rollercoaster apparel!!

I wasn't sure I had it in me when I started, but after 3kms of warm up, was ready to speed up so did just that for 500 metres then slotted in behind someone who was running slowly to force myself to recover.  Continued on until I'd completed my intervals & then recovered for 1km before deciding to lift my pace a bit towards the end & had a bit of friendly rivalry with another runner, racing each other across the finishing line.

My legs were feeling a wee bit worse for the wear for the few days after; my PT gave me the week off to reset, recover & get ready for the next challenge!  Overall these are 2 events I highly recommend, so much so I'm considering the 21.1km @ Rollercoaster next year, but will probably drop back to the 5km for Barwon.  I wonder if the bling will be bigger??

Monday, March 5, 2018

Back Tracking

Back Tracking to January, Plumbing Boy & I took his Mum with us on a holiday to Tasmania.  Traveling with a 93 year old who is becoming quite ambulant & forgetful is not without challenges, but I think we all managed to have a good time & compromise to ensure everyone's needs were met.  We took the car over on the boat & drove West along the north coast to Smithton for 2 nights (via Cradle Mountain & a Tasi Devil park).

Saw some very cool letter boxes on the way up & down from Cradle Mountain.

Stopped in a place called Penguin for a snack.

The house we rented was fabulous with a corner spa bath on the deck perched on a cliff overlooking the inlet.

It had a very steep driveway that I could not run up, but I did run into town & around to check out the local sights on foot.

We took a day trip to The Nut in Stanley - no takers for the chair lift but I climbed it & did the walk around the top encountering a local Echidna.

Then we drove down the west coast to Strahan for 2 nights - PB took his bike on a 2.5 hrs section of gravel road & I had the job of following in the car!  It was quite steep & hilly in places so a little nerve racking for me - I don't like 4 wheel driving at the best of times!!!  Stopped for lunch in Corinna before taking the punt across the river & then on to Strahan.

Ran around Strahan when we arrived - had a long run to complete that week. 

Then the following day we took the MIL a boat trip around Macquarie Harbour, out Hells Gates (briefly) then up the Gordon River where PB & I went on a short Rain Forrest walk.  PB & I also got off at Sarah Island & did an hour tour (while MIL had morning tea) & learned about where the worst of the worst convicts were sent (this was where they were sent pre Port Arthur) & it was pretty horrible.  The guide as an actor though & very good making us laugh despite the atrocious conditions & torture that occurred there. 

Next we headed East across the middle towards Hobart to Bushy Park for 2 nights to Hawthorn Lodge which is where my running coach resides running a bed & breakfast with her husband & the most wonderful daily Devonshire tea's!  The garden hosts Australia's oldest magnolia tree according the ABC.  PB had a dirt bike mate join us & they went riding for a day while MIL & I enjoyed reading in the garden with the chooks under our feet!

Then across to the east coast to Bicheno for 7 nights with friends sleeping, eating, walking, running & generally relaxing before taking the boat home.

Thanks Tasi!  You were grand!!