Bucket List /To Do List

I was out walking the other night & contemplating life, as you do & how sometimes we get so bogged down in the perceived negative things in our lives that we forget to take note of & celebrate the good things.  

I could have stomped on through the park, dwelling on the things that had given me the shits that day, but decided to stop with the negativity & look for the positive.  

I took in the scent of the eucalyptus trees; noticed & appreciated the new growth of the trees.  I thanked my body for being able to walk down into the park (something my mother in law - & many others - aren't physically capable of). I saw many birds & listened to their chatter.

I came across a family of swans with 5 cygnets!  I took a little movie of them before disturbing them trying to walk past, came home & was able to show my MIL & Plumbing Boy & we all oooh'd & aahhh'd at how adorable they were & we were all happy lil Vegemites. For me, the negatives had disappeared & I was in a much happier mind frame (I do know that is often easier said than done).

On the rest of my walk I started thinking about the things I'd like to do - a bit of a bucket list - things that if I were to die tomorrow, things I would like to have done or achieved.  All the big things came to mind straight away, some of them I may never be able to afford to do & some my body may not remain fit or strong enough to do, but I thought I'd start a bit of a list & who know's, maybe I'll be able to cross a few of them off next year!

Bucket List.
1. Run the 2017 Great Ocean Road Marathon without knee pain
2. Run the New York Marathon
3. Run a marathon in Hawaii (would like to do this or NY for my 50th birthday)
4. Walk Kokoda
5. See Ularu & Alice Springs
6. See the Eiffel Tower & all the other things French
7. See The Pyramids in Egypt
8. See & eat everything in Italy & take some cooking classes while there
9. Travel in Africa - & run the Kenyan Marathon in the wildlife park
10. Travel the outback of Australia
11. See Darwin & Kakadu (I've never been to the Northern Territory) which I guess is part of the outback!
12. Meet Utegirl1970 in person
13. Meet Memphis Steve in person
14. Meet Blue in person
15. Scuba dive the red sea
16. Scuba dive Palau/Guam
17. Scuba dive the Galapagos (not sure about the big lizards though - or the sand snakes!)
18. Hike Machu Pichu
19. Hike to Base Camp & see Nepal
20. Learn to sail
21. Sail around the Greek Islands
22. Sail around Croatia
23. See the family Castle in Scotland (it's in ruins & we don't own it) & see all things Scottish including lots of highland cattle.
24. See Ireland; run a marathon there; see Glen Hansard live in his own country there; find a four leaf clover; not eat haggis there.
25. Go to Wales & just listen to the accent.  Glorious!
26. Go to London & see all the things - Big Ben, Buckingham Palace etc.........may as well while I'm in that neck of the woods.
27. Go to Canada & visit a couple of previous exchange students we hosted on the farm growing up; see the rocky mountains; run with Anne-Marie & see her home town of Quebec.
28. Alaska!
29. Antarctica - while I'm cold from Alaska.  Not sure how well my body will handle this & definitely not sure I could bring myself to scuba dive here.  See a polar bear.
30. Get back into playing my piano.
31. Get back into playing my guitar.
32. Hike the Grand Canyon
33. Visit the French Quarter
34. See the Gracelands
35. See California, Seattle & all the other iconic places in the USA & see bands while I'm there.  And eat all the food.
36. Watch my mates baby son grow up
37. Continue to be in my niece's life as she transitions through year 12 next year, on to uni (maybe), find her life partner & live her life in happiness.
38. Work part time
39. Retire
40. Continue to be fit & healthy.
41. Take some swimming technique lessons
41. Ride my bicycle once per week for 1 month
42. Ride my bicycle twice per week for 1 month
43. Ride my bicycle three times per week for 1 month
44. Complete a triathlon
45. Read a book each month of the year.
46. Frame & hang wedding photos completed January 2017
47. Reframe & hang other photos we have dagging about the house
48. Choose a charitable organisation & become a volunteer.
49. Volunteer at a running event.
50. Attend Park Run once a month in 2017


Carol said...

Oooh when did the bucket list tab start I've just noticed it. Awesome list. Hey and Honolulu Mara is on my bucket list. No time limit, I like that aspect!! tee hee

AlleyCat said...

hehehe only a few weeks ago! A couple of my running friends are keen on Honalulu for the exact same reason! It would be an event we can all do together! I'm hoping to do it the year I turn 50 (or sooner :-))

Blue Grumpster said...

Meet Blue in person... Well, how about that! :)