Total Kms run so far this year: 
Total Kms run 2017: 1289-14
Total Kms run 2015: 1277-12
Total Kms run 2014: 1501-41
Total Kms run 2013: 1190-21
Total kms run 2012: 709-75
Total kms run 2011: 209
Marathon Events Run: 3
Half Marathon Events Run: 10

2016 Fitness/Running Goals

May 2016, Great Ocean Road Marathon (3rd marathon)

Dad handed me Trixie's lead as I entered the finishing chute - other people run over the line with their kids.........I did it with my pooch!! 

July 2016 Gold Coast Airport Half Marathon

October 2016 Melbourne Marathon Half

44kms Great Ocean Road Marathon 15/5/16
All signed up - Goal - run the whole way & beat last years time.  
Done: I should have updated this goal pre-race but forgot.  My only aim going in was to finish it.  I've had ongoing ITB pain this year & completed the run (walking up hills by 32kms) in 5 hours 4 mins 45 seconds; pace 6.50

21.1kms Goldcoast Airport Half Marathon 3/7/16
All signed up - Goal: finish & hopefully under 2 hours.  
Done: ITB kicked in at 12kms & had to stop & stretch.  Last 5kms was challenging.  2 hours 3 minutes 39 seconds; pace 5.49

In light of my ITB issues I've signed up for a few 10km runs with friends in the latter half of this Year

10kms Run Melbourne 24/7/16  
Done: 54.07 mins; pace 5.24 - considerably faster than expected considering how bloody cold the day was!

10kms Mornington Fun Run 4/9/16 
Done: 53.50; pace 5.23 - fun run done with 5 running buddies!

21.1kms Crater to Coast Half Marathon September 2016 (Pending ITB) - this event was cancelled due to bad weather.  I hadn't signed up but would have if it had been rescheduled for a later date!

21.1kms Melbourne Marathon Half Marathon 16/10/16
Done: 2.03.48; pace 5.49 - signed up for this due to above event being cancelled.  Struggled with the last 5kms - it was hard work!  But awesome to run onto the MCG.  Knee held up but was taped. 

15kms City2Sea 24/11/16
Done: 1.25.04; pace 5.39 slower than last year, but faster than expected!

21.1kms Afterglow Twilight Trail Half Marathon 26/11/16 *** downgraded to 12km***  I had 2 co-conspirators running this with me earlier on, one has hurt her ankle so bad she's struggling to walk more than a km; & the other hurt his back & has downgraded.  I'm now running with my running family in the 12km event & we will have an absolute hoot together.  Will be my first run in a tutu!

10kms Carmans Fun Run 4/12/16 (signed up)

2015 Fitness/Running Goals

August 2015 Sandy Point Half

May 2015 2nd Marathon

21.1kms Afterglow Twilight Trail Half Marathon 28/11/15
Done2:16:54 pace 6.22 

15kms City2Sea 15/11/15
Done: 1:17:11 race pace was 5.08

21.1kms Crater to Coast Half Marathon 13/9/15
Done: 1:53:21 pace 5.21 

21.1kms Sandy Point Half Marathon 23/8/15
Done: 1:53:35 pace 5.22

21.1kms Run Melbourne 26/7/15
Goal: PB (under 1:56:11)
Done: 1:57:58 Pace 5.33

44kms Great Ocean Road Marathon 17/5/15
Done: 44kms official time 4:21:41; official 42.2km time 4:3:46

10kms Warrnambool Surf T Surf 11/1/15
Done: 51mins 5 seconds Pace 5.29 (slower than last year!)

2014 Fitness/Running Goals

October 2014 1st Marathon

April 2014 2nd Half Marathon

21.1kms Sussan Womans Fun Run 7th December 2014
Goal: PB (under 1 hr 57 mins 58 seconds) - hopefully there will be enough space on course to dodge people!! 
Done 1hr 56 mins 11 seconds

42.2kms Melbourne Marathon 12th October 2014
Goals: Run the whole way Done!
          Complete within 4 - 4.5 hours 
Completed 3 hours 58 minutes 34 seconds

21.1kms Geelong 1/2 Marathon 27th April 2014
Goals: Run without ITB pain
           Sub 2 hours 
Completed: 1hr 57 mins 58 seconds

10km Warrnambool Surf T Surf  5th January 2014
Goals: Run without ITB Pain
          Sub 50 minutes
Completed: 49 mins 25 seconds

2013 Fitness/Running Goals

Nov 2013 Colour Run

Oct 2013 1st Half Marathon

#21km Melbourne 1/2 Marathon 13th October 2013
Completed 2 hrs 7 minutes 36 seconds

#Run Melbourne 10km Sunday 21st July
Completed 51.57 minutes

#61km Hike (Black Cat Track) in Papua New Guinea May 2013
Done!!!!!!!!!!!! Completed Sat 11th May 2013

#10km Formal – Sunday 6th January 2013 (depends if any of the family want to play as it's in Warrnambool!) Signed up & paid for 10km & in training as per above.
Done Sunday 6/1/1 58 minutes

2012 Fitness/Running Goals

September 2012 1st 10km

 #6km Formal - Sunday 18th November - Run Geelong

I haven't set up a formal training schedule as it's only a 6km, but pretty much run 5.5kms 4 - 5 times per week til the event with a PT session thrown in for good measure.  Is now part of 10km Jan training schedule above.
Done 18/11/12 6kms, waiting on official time, approx 36 mins

#8km informal - October 28th
I was supposed to be in training for the Maribyrnong 8km, but due to some social clashes, decided not to do this one. Then decided to run the course the day before the run :0)
Done 27/10/12 8kms, 49.46 mins

#10km Formal - September 23rd 2012 Sri Chimnoy Yarra
DONE SUNDAY 23RD SEPTEMBER 1 hr 2 mins 5 sec

#10km Virtual – Saturday 25th February 2012 (or the following Saturday). 
Done Saturday 18/2/12 1hr 14 minutes 42 seconds

Monthly Training Kms
December 2016:
November 2016: 
October 2016:104.41kms
September 2016:118.5kms
August 2016: 78kms
July 2016: 77.1kms
June 2016: 71kms
May 2016: 103kms
April 2016: 167.8kms
March 2016: 129kms
February 2016: 116.10kms
January 2016: 121.10kms

Started running outdoors August 2011.

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